Unity3d 第一人称视角探测工具完整项目资源免费下载 First Person Exploration Kit


Unity3d 第一人称视角探测工具完整项目资源免费下载 First Person Exploration Kit

版本要求:Unity 4.6.3 或更高版本

First Person Exploration Kit用于创建第一人称的环境探索游戏。它包括你需要开始的一切。包括6个基本对象类型 各种有趣的方式与世界互动 包括6例复杂的自定义预置 交互对象 包括5PS图象处理软件模板 包含多个图形用户界面的主题

Fully Compatible with Unity 5, uses Unity’s UI Canvas System

First Person Exploration Kit is a complete package for creating a First Person Environmental Exploration game.

It includes everything you need to get started.

Includes 6 Base Object types for a variety of interesting ways to interact with the world
Includes 6 example complex and custom prefab interactable objects
Includes 5 Photoshop templates included with multiple examples of graphical UI themes
Over 40 interaction sound effects included!
Over a dozen demo models with Photoshop texture source files included
8 reticle styles included
Fully documented setup and customization guide for all aspects of the package
Demo scene included
Completely customizable


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