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The process simulation software SolidThinking Click2Cast v4.0.1.100 Win x64-BEAN free download casting

SolidThinking Click2Cast v4.0.1.100 is a simulation software of casting process, allowing users to enhance and optimize the manufacturing parts. Click2Cast help users avoid the typical casting defects such as air, retention, porosity, cold shot due to simple and quick filling simulation.
Click2Cast provides an innovative user experience, allowing 5 simple steps, and through a completely new, user-friendly interface provides a complete simulation.

The main advantage:
Early simulation
To avoid the iteration between design and manufacture

Easy to use
The 5 step of casting simulation

Fast iterative
Click on the button intuitive test with several different mold design possibilities

Restrictions on investment
High ROI

Keep the secret room
There is no need for outsourcing

The Click2Cast v4.0.1.100 installation method:

Extract the installation software Click2Cast_4.0.1.100st-x64-Install 1

2 installation enter the serial number 0

3 install, copy the crack inside the liblmx-altair.dll installation directory under cover

Congratulations on your successful installation of 4 scholar!

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