AE/PR插件-多个LUTs调色预设叠加混合使用 LUT Mixer 2.1.1 Mac 破解

支持 Mac 系统:

Adobe After Effects CC- CC 2019

Adobe Premiere Pro CC- CC 2019


LUT Mixer这个插件,可以同时加载使用多个LUTS效果,且可以独立控制预设效果的浓度。LUT很受欢迎,现在很多程序都支持LUT,在大多数程序中,LUT只能一个接一个地应用。 由于大多数LUT被优化以应用于新的图像材料,因此通常发生在第一个LUT之后应用的任何LUT将不再提供期望的结果,因为它不应用于中性图像而是已经被第一LUT改变的中性图像。


Working with LUTs (Look Up Tables) is popular and nowadays many programs support LUTs. In most programs LUTs can only be applied one after the other. Since most LUTs are optimised to be applied to fresh image material, it commonly happens that any LUT applied after the first one will not deliver the desired results anymore since it is not applied to a neutral image but to one already altered by the first LUT.

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